From concept to completion, we develop our own IoT applications. We use our very own modular gateways to send data to the cloud. Being self-sufficient gives us the capability to create tailor made products for your particular needs, cutting out intermediary steps and eliminating redundant parts. This, in turn, allows our clients to save on money and time.


In today’s fast paced energy market, every minute counts. How many kWs do you produce at any given moment? How much do you consume? What is the demand from your customers? What’s going on in the market? To be on top of the game, these questions need to be answered and a response needs to be given instantly. We provide you all this data in real time.


Be it smart or not, we are capable of reading any type of electricity meter remotely and monitor it instantaneously. From the data collected, our application gives you decision support analysis. This way, energy resellers can monitor their customers in real time and easily manage supply, while invoicing customers becomes a breeze. End users, on the other hand, can monitor their own energy consumption and make better cost analysis.


PowerTrack is an essential tool for energy producers. It monitors all power plants owned by the client regardless of their type, collects data on the amount of kilowatt fed to the grid and makes intelligent analysis for traders. Having a different turbine supplier or a different SCADA system in different plants is no problem for us. We unite all the data from any system into one easy to understand, user-friendly dashboard on which you can monitor energy production in real time and make production forecasts to the hour.



The cost of logistics is an important consideration in any business operation. How much control do you have over this? We collect all relevant data, process it and present you suggestions that will reduce your costs and give you a competitive advantage.


LogiTrack is a powerful tool in the liquid and gas distribution business. By monitoring stock levels at the customer location, distributers can optimize their route planning and always stay connected with their customers. This tool can also be tailored for use by the end user. This is a great asset for the distributor, as it can charge its customers for this service and earn some revenue, or provide it free of charge and gain a competitive advantage. We leave it to your discretion.


Similar to the LogiTrack, but tailored for CNG distribution, this is an essential tool to get an edge over rivals.  


With our GeneratorTrack, we connect conventional diesel generators and make them “intelligent”. This makes work a breeze for utility servicing companies as employing field technicians becomes a thing of the past with everything being monitored and controlled from the screen of a monitor. With this tool, you can monitor fuel level, consumption, battery status, power generation level among other things; start, stop and test generators and manage an endless number of generators from a single panel.


Imagine how comforting it must be to know in real time where and how your assets are being used. With this valuable insight, you can manage them more effectively and make those crucial business decisions that facilitate success. Additionally, with the data we process, we are always on the lookout for new means of revenue for you.


The CoolerTrack gives you total control over your coolers in sales locations and works with any type of cooler. It monitors in/out temperature, energy consumption, location, maintenance requirements, the customer engagement ratio (ie: the number of customers that have passed by the cooler and how many have actually opened it) among other valuable data. With all this data compiled, we offer you intelligent analysis so that you can take control of your coolers.


Civilization practically began with agriculture. Its advent was a turning point for how our ancestors lived and we believe that it continues to be of fundamental importance today. That’s why we have variety of solutions that will make your agricultural operation a success.   

Utilizing your agricultural resources efficiently is important. We read your soil moisture levels and make weather forecasts so that we can effectively optimize your irrigation. Practices such as tractor usage are monitored and analyzed so that we can suggest measures to make them cost effective. We monitor fertilization practices and suggest ways of making them more effective and efficient. Since every farm is one of a kind, our flexible structure allows us to build a tailor made solution for your particular needs.


It’s no longer a question of if Industry 4.0 is coming, but how quickly it will come. We are firm believers of this revolution and want to be at the forefront by playing an active part.

The advent of machines had a momentous effect in manufacturing and is considered the first industrial revolution. This was followed by mass production and later the introduction of computers and automation, which make up the second and third industrial revolutions. Today we are witnessing a fourth industrial revolution centered on automation and data exchange where all the inputs, machines, people and data are connected to one another like never before. Like with any major shift in business and production, there are challenges inherent in this new model and we are ready to guide you all the way. We also offer a variety of practical solutions ranging from stock management to quality control and predictive maintenance.


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